Wood deck makeover in a weekend

Love the look of a new wood deck when its first finished but now that time has passed, you can’t even recognize it?  Even if your deck is old and looking a little sad, for a little time and a $30 can of stain/wood protector, it can really take on a new life.  Keep in mind as you are reading that this same process can be done with fences, wood trellis, wood patio furniture etc.

Before we start the how to, lets take a look at what happens to wood that is left exposed to the elements without waterproofing over time; dirt and algae build up in the wood grains making the wood appear as if its a lost cause.  Left unchecked, this actually decreases the lifespan on your wood.  Don’t rip it up just yet!

Take a look at this deck before…it is nearly black!

Step 1:  Pressure wash

If you have access to a pressure washer, borrow one from a friend or neighbor.  If you think you’d like to have one to keep at home for odd projects, you can find a pretty reasonably priced electric psi model for around $200.  These do a fine job of cleaning wood decking, fencing, siding and concrete around your home; the higher psi and gas models are stronger but why pay the extra money for a home model that serves its purpose?

After pressure washing the wood, let the wood completely dry before proceeding to the next step.

Take a look at this photo to see how the dirt and grime virtually disappear with the pressure washer:

Deck after it is fully pressure washed:


Step 2:  Stain/Waterproofer

I like Behr’s Stainer and Sealer in one.  Using a nylon brush or rough surface roller, roll out the stain over the deck.

The sealer will take several hours to fully dry.  Once it is dry, water should “bead” right up on the wood and you are left feeling like you have a new deck again.  Repeat every couple of years so that the wood is always protected from the elements and it will greatly extend the life of your deck.

Step 3:  Rearrange pots, add some colorful flowers and wah-lah!  It looks like an entirely new deck!

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