Oil-less Frying is Pretty Easy

Let us give thanks for no more mess or danger of deep frying!

Ah, ’tis the season…the holidays are a time to come together with loved ones and count our blessings.   It also begins the season for pulling out your stretchy pants until January 1 rolls around; then you begin the weight gain rollback.  Lots of holiday festivities occur between Thanksgiving and January 1 that include big feasts and lots of yummy desserts.

For some, these festivities include frying a turkey.  If you have ever tried a fried turkey, you will know they are delicious! Crispy on the outside, juicy on the inside.  Rubs and seasoning injections can be used that add some party in your mouth flavor.  Frying a turkey can literally become a social gathering too.  Everyone stands around looking at the big fryer,  timing it to be “just right” based on a thermometer reading and time elapsed and discussing the seasoning they used.  However, the process itself can be very dangerous.  The grease/cooking oil inside the cooker is VERY hot. Each year, fire departments report fires and/or serious bodily injury that can occur from this cooking method!

Another downside that gets easily overlooked is what to do with all of that used cooking oil once you are done.  It doesn’t dispose easily.  Then comes the clean up of the fryer itself.  No wonder why these fryers get used only once a year typically.

Well, this year, we have discovered something else…an oil-less fryer.  Yes you read it right.   Char Broil makes an “oil-less” deep fryer “The Big Easy”. The Big Easy uses propane and infrared heat to mimic the results of frying.  While it takes a little longer to cook, the advantages outweigh the trade off easily:

  • No oil=healthier cooking
  • No oil=easier clean up
  • No oil=less cost
  • No oil=safer!

We have successfully cooked a 14 lb turkey, chicken, ribs, chicken drumsticks, bone in pork chops, shrimp and oysters so far.  All delicious!  Although you cannot use it indoors, we were able to use the fryer on our patio outside under roof since there is not an open flame or grease splatter.  We recommend that you also use a nice quality thermometer in addition to the one that comes with the unit so that you can get the most accurate temperature readings.

greaseless fried shrimp
Bacon wrapped shrimp and oysters in greaseless fryer

The clean up?  Scrub the racks to remove food particles and throw in the dishwasher.  Empty the small rectangular drip pan and throw that in the wash too.  That’s it.

We ordered our Char Broil Big Easy fryer from Amazon, which you can find here:

And we also ordered the accessory kit:

Happy “oil-less” frying!

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