How to Clean Like a Man

Al Roker from the Today Show and Elizabeth Mayhew, Editor in Chief  of “Woman’s Day Magazine” recently appeared together to discuss “How to Clean Like  a Man”.  Men tend to appear very at ease when faced with a challenge and don’t tend to dissect every detail like women do.  They also tend to simplify steps that are required to complete tasks (even though it sometimes results in stopping to ask for directions).  So why do we make cleaning such a mountainous task?  How can we make this task easier?

Here’s what they discussed as to how women can develop a few simple strategies to clean like a man, not necessarily, to make it “man clean”:

Gather the troops! Ever wonder why there were labels for Mr. Clean or Brawny?  It cleans like a man?  Locate all the cleaning supplies you will need to get the task done.   Put the supplies in a carry tote that makes it easy to move from room to room.

Create a Plan of Attack Guys tend to prioritize and function well with a list.  They tend to stay focused better and stay organized.  So make a list and tackle the challenge!  It will feel good to cross off the tasks.

Plan a celebration Men are much better at rewarding themselves than we are.  So when you are done, enjoy a glass of wine, watch a movie or maybe some “me” time.

Here’s some man-friendly cleaning tips (which you might even convince him to do for you since they involve some unsuspecting guy things):

Car wax– spread over tiles on bathroom shower walls (not natural stone) to prevent mildew and soap scum buildup

Leaf blower-attach your vacuum hose to the leaf blower and blow all the trash out of the hose.  You’d be surprised at how much gunk gets stuck in your vacuum hose that makes it less and less efficient.  The leaf blower is also great for blowing off large areas in a short time.

Grade 3 synthetic steel wool-use on stainless steel pots and pans to get built up stains off of your cookware

Tennis ball-spray all purpose cleaner on the ball to remove scuff marks from wood floors.  You can also throw a ball into a dryer to fluff your down comforter

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