Easy Welcome Sign

I am constantly faced with the challenge of coming up with the “perfect gift” for someone. Finding the perfect gift is just not my strength and is definitely not something that comes naturally to me. I would much rather spend quality time with someone I care about but I know certain occasions dictate a little something. This is especially true during the holidays and for special friends and neighbors I want to reach out to. Unfortunately, it seems like the wallet may not stretch as far as my gift giving list. So, I usually turn to Pinterest for inspiration for economical and crafty ideas.

So for this year’s neighbor gifts, I’ve been eyeballing those cute porch “welcome” signs that are made from pallet wood. When I was looking at building my own pallet, I found some pre-made wood pallets on Amazon like this at an attractive price (less than my time would have cost!). I think craft stores are also carrying these now.

You can buy a variety of sizes and wood finishes in these nicely crafted wood planks ready for your custom touch!

I bought a beginner’s wood burning tool from Amazon:

The tool comes with a variety of attachments. I sketched my design in pencil and went to work. I found it very easy to use. After a few, my hand grew tired from pressing down, but I managed to finish 11 signs in a couple of days over just 2 to 3 hours. I then took a hot glue gun and attached some seasonal decor to make it more festive. I’d say for less than $15, it’s a pretty nice personalized gift.

Even if it’s not the holidays, you might personalize it by gluing something meaningful to that person. Here is one I will be adding a wooden spoon to that loves to cook:


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