Portfolio Bathroom Remodel 2

Another portfolio for bathroom makeover ideas!  This bathroom was a late 80’s vanilla room with oak cabinets, tulip track lighting, marbled vanity and tub with white tile and beige carpet. See how it goes from “ho-hum” to “wow”
Some of the projects completed like tile and faucet replacement will take a little more know-how, but in time, will be talking about all of this on this site.

Bathroom (before)
Bathroom (before)
Bathroom-carpet demo'd, old marble tub surround gone
Cabinets painted, new counter top decking in place ready for tile backerboard
tile backboard going in getting ready for tile
Cultured marble tub now refinished
New countertop tile in place
new drop in sinks and faucets complete
floor tile and tub surround going in
tile, paint, tub surround AFTER
Shower (after) new faucets and no more builders grade plain white tiles


  1. Love the shower and the effect of the floor tile cascading behind the tub!!!
    How did you refurbish the tub? Did it have chips or rust or any damage before you refurbished it?

    • Lynn, Home Depot and Lowes both sell a tub refinish epoxy spray. Make sure that the product is compatible with your tub material. In this case, it was an ivory colors cultured marble tub that had beige veining in it. Follow the instructions explicitly and you will end up with a nice renewed finish.

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