A little trick for hinges

So I’ve been relocating some doors and building new cabinets and I can tell you, I’ve spent an embarrassing amount of time trying to get the silly hinges in alignment with only my two hands!  The hinge slips just as I’m about to drill the screw or worse, the tiny screws that come with some hinges are so hard to work with unless you are able to have two hands free!  Worse yet, some of the screws “strip out” before you can get them all the way in, creating a real headache and a loose screw, literally.  A loose screw equals a loose hinge and doors won’t line up properly.

So here are two little tips to save your sanity when working with new hinges to assure yourself a smooth installation:

1) Stick it and Shim it

To mark the location of the hinge and the location of the screws, use a small piece of double sided tape to secure the hinge temporarily in the proper spot.   The tape will keep the hinge from slipping.   For heavier doors, they make a seriously strong tape and I cheat with this and shims to keep the door in alignment until the screws are in.

2)    Pilot Holes

With the hinge securely in the correct location, always drill a pilot hole with a drill bit just slightly smaller than the screw itself.  This will allow the screw to be drilled in smoothly without stripping out.

Hope my learning curve can save you some time and headaches!

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