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How to refinish furniture

A good sturdy piece of furniture is worth saving if it just needs a little TLC and has begun to show its age through scratching or chipping of its finish.  Can’t we all relate to that one time or another?  Or maybe you find a neat little piece at a thrift store and its painted but you’d really love to restore it to a natural wood look.  You can do it!!

Materials needed: Scraper/putty knife, 1 can Gel or Liquid Stripper, A nylon brush suitable for stains, Hand sander or sandpaper sheets, wood sealer, depending on the size of the furniture a quart or pint in the stain color of your choice (There are many different types of wood so final stain colors will vary slightly depending on what type of wood you have), quart of satin polyurethane

Here are the basic steps you can follow in order to restore a piece of furniture easily:

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