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Ralph Lauren paint is a thing of the past at Home Depot

Ralph Lauren paint love

Are all paints created equal?

Having spent years completing a wide variety of painting projects, I have had my share of trials and errors when it comes to paints.  Call me nostalgic, but my first real painting leap was taken with Ralph Lauren more than 15 years ago. Their very rich colors and designer label were alluring to women everywhere I recall.

Ralph Lauren was also great because it had a vast selection of colors organized in a user friendly fashion and the price was competitive.   I was usually able to achieve one coat coverage (a real time saver and confidence booster!) and the best part was that years later, I could use it to touch up spots and it would still blend perfectly!!  I’ve seen other “pro brand” paints not even able to do this without leaving what looks like spots that belong on a cheetah which meant repainting an entire wall.

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