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When you just can’t (or don’t want to) do it yourself….7 Tips for choosing a good contractor

After a long summer vacation, I am ready to get back to work!  My latest project is a 1924 duplex restoration and I’m beyond thrilled to get my hands dirty again!   I love a good challenge when it comes to performing my own improvements, but sometimes, there are things better left for a contractor.  Or, maybe you just don’t have the time to do it yourself and need to hire a contractor.  Perfectly understandable.  In my case, the duplex has some foundation and roof work and this is obviously beyond anything I feel the need to be challenged with.  Finding a good contractor can be a tedious task, but its a necessary process that shouldn’t be taken for granted.  Hopefully in the end, its all worth it for both you and your contractor.

There are many great contractors out there, just like there are unfortunately, plenty of bad ones. Here a few tips to ensure a good relationship from start to finish:

1)   Get at least 3 written estimates

You may be surprised that prices will vary between contractors.  I also use the bidding process as an education.  Ask lots of questions about what to expect from start to finish.  This will help you fine tune the other estimates you get.  If you forgot to ask something, feel free to circle back to ensure you have 3 very comparable estimates.  Also, if they show up late for the estimate appointment, take it as a good sign of how they may treat your job.

Also, if a contractor asks you who they are bidding against, politely tell them you won’t divulge that information.  It is my opinion that every contractor should give their best first estimate.  Every industry is a small world and employees and trade secrets move around.  Armed with information that they are bidding against a known competitor, suddenly, you just changed their bid.

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