Why am I here? My Mission….

I am convinced that everyone has a desire in them to makeover and improve their homes.  I am also convinced that with a little patience and open mindedness , everyone has the capacity to do it themselves.

I am just like you….

The pivotal point in my life when I became aware that I had to learn to do things myself was in 1999; newly divorced and faced with the fact that I was a suddenly single mom and homeowner.  My husband had always taken care of all the repairs and bigger work around the house.   I was scared to death that had anything to do with altering my home beyond a can of paint or planting flowers.   I found myself with a tool box full of basic tools and a lawnmower and absolutely no idea how to use them.

How I Started….

My journey began with a cranberry red bedroom.  Having gone from all beige “safe” colors, this was an act that did so much to boost my spirit and sense of freedom, I felt ready to take on more!  So a friend gave me a basic “fix it yourself” book and I started reading.  I learned how to change a toilet flapper, how to install linoleum tile, how to install curtain rods, how to replace a faucet.  I loved the sense of accomplishment I felt each and every time when I was finished.  Several years later, I have successfully completed full scale home renovation from top to bottom including bathroom and kitchen remodels.  Each and every project still feels good when its complete.

What’s the worst thing that will happen if I try something new?

Every time, I follow the same formula for success…read, prepare a plan from start to finish and a plan B for an exit strategy if I get in over my head.  You might be surprised that with the careful planning, the answers are scarce to that question.

Get empowered to do it yourself!

Most of all, I love helping others with their design, repair or how to dilemmas. I have a wealth of interesting and useful knowledge on a variety of how to topics.  I have learned that women AND men can benefit from a safe place, free from criticism or ridicule, to ask the burning questions of “how to”.  So my goal for this site is to empower others by offering tips and knowledge to do the simplest of tasks to more complex tasks.   Guys, this is for you too.  Anonymity preserves the guy code, I promise.

I hope you enjoy my blog and find it useful~


7 thoughts on “Why am I here? My Mission….

  1. great site, loads of good info, goin to follow you and tweet your pages on twitter and facebook if you dont mind, get ya some more visitors,

    keep it up, always looking for newstuff to post, for some of the people i teach

  2. You are simply fantastic and brilliant! I admire you so much! Are you a reference point for those who find themselves in trouble!
    I will vote the full! Congratulations!

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